Intercultural Communication Let’s spend a few days discussing communicating with
Intercultural Communication Let's spend a few days discussing communicating with members of other cultures. Things worth discussing include: Share your recollections of an experience you have had communicating with a member of another culture that proved to be a learning experience for you. Discuss what you discovered when investigating a country and its culture on your web search. What are some barriers to intercultural communication? How can we overcome barriers to intercultural communication? What can you do to help others better understand your culture? Remember - you will earn class participation points by making thoughtful initial posts as well as responding to the posts of your classmates. Click the link to go directly to the forum. Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Forum description: In order to communicate effectively we need words and language - but our words need support to convey true meaning. The various nonverbal behaviors that accompany (and sometimes substitute) for words are an important part of our study of human communication. Let's consider the following questions to start our discussion this week: What are the roles of nonverbal communication in the creation and maintenance of meaning? How can we compensate (can we compensate?) for the absence of true nonverbals in computer assisted communication (text, email, Tweets, etc.)? What are some of the factors influencing the meaning of words? What are some of the factors that influence how you select the words you will use in various situations? Think about communication in your life and post your responses to these questions in the discussion the link 🙂 Listen to me! Discuss the results of your listening self assessment. What are you going to work on based on the results? Some questions in mind as you respond: What are some barriers that prevent us from listening effectively? What can we do to remove or overcome these barriers? How has the explosion of communication technology impacted the ways we listen? How are listening and Critical Thinking connected? Informative Speech topics Click the link above and start discussing your potential Informative Speech topics and Speech Type. Information on speech types can be found in your textbook. It's a VERY good idea to begin your topic selection, research and planning now. Research, planning, and practice are the keys to an effective speech...and a good grade. Attaching files is enabled in this forum if you would like to share a draft of your outline. Discussion Forum: Reaction to student speech Time to combine your examination of Listening, Feedback, and Critical Thinking with your upcoming speech. Watch and listen to the speech available at the following link: Try to watch the entire speech Click on the link above to enter the discussion forum about this speech. What are your reactions to this speech? What advice might you give the speaker? Your Informative Speech Click the link to enter the forum. Share your thoughts as you make final preparations for your Informative Speech this week. Come back after the speech and discuss how it went and the things you will work on when preparing your next speech. Offer feedback to classmates. Visualize success...think positive thoughts...practice! Conflict and you! Forum description: Let's discuss your personal experiences with conflict: What types of conflict have you encountered in your personal experience? What behaviors were the cause of this conflict? What have you done personally to manage conflict? Does the text accurately reflect your experience? Like anything else, managing conflict is a skill you can learn and improve. Are you good at managing conflict? Do you avoid conflict at all costs? Lets talk about your experience and offer suggestions for improving all of our conflict management outcomes. Groups, Teams, and YOU! Forum description: Some things to discuss: Does the text accurately reflect your experience? How have youe seen conflict managed? What roles are you comfortable filling in group/team activities? Have you ever been a leader? What type of leader were you or would you be? Have you ever experienced Groupthink firsthand? You can also post questions and/or talk with each other (and me) about your Group Case Study. Click the link above to enter the discussion board and discuss your experience with various aspects of groups/teams Requirements: just first write title and after anser and question

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