**INSTUCTIONS LISTED BELOW** This week, one of your assignments will cover dieta
**INSTUCTIONS LISTED BELOW** This week, one of your assignments will cover dietary choices and factors that influence how you eat. Especially in our society, we are always on the go and food consumption is usually an afterthought. Our nation's food supply contains an abundance of inexpensive foods that contain considerable calories but are low in nutritional quality. This puts our health at risk. Track your food intake for 7-10 consecutive days. 1. There are many tools to track your food intake for your age, sex, and level of physical activity to determine your nutritional recommendations. Research websites/apps that you would like to use. Some good ones are www.nutritiondata.self.com, (Links to an external site.) www.myfooddiary.com, (Links to an external site.) www.cronometer.com, (Links to an external site.) but you can use anyone that you feel comfortable with. 2.. You will need to keep track of the grams of fiber, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, calcium, iron, sodium, etc. 3. How does your diet compare to the website's recommendations/guidelines? (worth 50 points). Be thorough with your analysis if you want full credit.

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