Instructions Project | Social Issue Research Paper 50 Pts * * * * * * * * DIREC
Instructions Project | Social Issue Research Paper 50 Pts * * * * * * * * DIRECTIONS: • Write a research-based paper that... o is 5-7 pages in length o is double spaced o uses APA format (including cover page, headings, and a References page, as this is research-based writing) o includes your name, Tartan ID, and Class Section o avoids use of 1st person (as this is research-based writing) o highlights a social issue that you've narrowed into something you can tackle. This can be a topic we’ve spent time discussing, or something different that you’d like to research on your own. • Answer the following questions critically and thoroughly, in narrative form, using the bolded headings below. • Please seek guidance from a reference librarian if you need help choosing a topic or ensuring you have appropriate resources. • As always, to ensure you are earning as many points as possible, be sure to compare your work to the attached grading rubric before submitting to the Dropbox. Research Use the Library Databases to find at least 5 resources for your paper. Your textbook is permitted as one source, and the NASW Code of Ethics is another use you may use. At least 3 additional resources should be scholarly and peer-reviewed, no older than 5 years. You may not use more than 1 video resource (documentary or non-fiction). From this research, address the following information (remember APA formatting includes in-text citations!). • What is your chosen social issue? Explain the where, what, why, how of the issue. • Who is impacted by this social issue? What elements of diversity are at play? Address at least 3 elements such as race, socio-economic status, class, citizenship status, etc. • Are there any movements currently addressing the issue (pieces of legislation, social movements, etc.) • What are the origins of the issue? Is this a new problem precipitated by some recent event? What’s contributing to its rise in our society? Roles of the Social Worker What roles might a social worker fulfill in the area of this social issue? Think critically and provide examples. Address the following questions/prompts: • How might a social worker influence this social issue at a Micro and Macro level of intervention? Be specific and provide examples. • Address at least 3 strategies to promote social justice surrounding this issue. • What ethical standards can be applied to this issue? Discuss at least two standards, citing them specifically from the NASW Code of Ethics.

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