Instructions Project Proposal (Module 4) – Attacthed!!!!! Choose one of the syst
Instructions Project Proposal (Module 4) - Attacthed!!!!! Choose one of the systems studied in BIO 2102 that most interests you. From this system, choose an organ on which you wish to become an expert. You will present on this system to someone who does not know anything about the system. Decide the format of your presentation - PowerPoint Project Presentation (Module 5) Create a presentation on your organ that includes the following: Name of the system Name of the organ Anatomical location: Use directional terms to describe the location such as superior to, inferior to, anterior, etc. Anatomical description: Include only the anatomical description; do not include any function or microscopic description. Types of cells and tissues present in the organ: Just include a microscopic description; do not include anything else. Functions of the organ: This is to describe the physiology. Do not discuss any anatomical description. Homeostasis: Discuss how the organ you have chosen responds to maintain homeostasis in the body. Prediction: Predict the types of problems that would occur in this organ if it could not maintain homeostasis. Disease: Mention a specific disease that affects the organ, and describe the anatomical and functional changes that occur in that organ. Relationship to other systems: Discuss how this system relates to the system that you presented in BIO 201. (You may select a different system from the one used in BIO 201, and tell us how the two systems relate.) There is no research paper to do as part of your final presentation (you will still have your Module 5 Research and Report assignment due. At the end of the semester, you will submit your PowerPoint (or other presentation) along with descriptive content. The descriptive content could be an audio included in the PowerPoint, a video presentation in which you describe your slides, or a supplemental script or notes pages for each slide. The reasoning is that if you were doing a presentation to an audience, you wouldn't put all of your content in bullet points on the slide. The bullet points would highlight the important parts, and you would verbally elaborate in your presentation. References: Provide at least five references using APA Style. Preparing a Presentation Beginning your research Preparing a research assignment APA Style Guide References Plagiarism Research assignments require you to use many different sources and incorporate ideas or specific information from those sources into your writing. Be sure you cite your sources, or you may be plagiarizing! Need a refresher on plagiarism? Try this tutorial on plagiarism from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Presentation formatting tips Each slide should have a title (example: "Anatomical location of...") Provide no fewer than 15 slides in your presentation, not including the reference page(s) in the page count. Your presentation should include enough detail that someone who is viewing the presentation could learn the system. Use bullets to highlight the main points in your presentation slides. Keep in mind that this is a visual presentation that should be legible to the audience. Thus, use the proper font size, and do not overcrowd your slides with too many sentences. Where do I put the details? If you are using PowerPoint, you can create an audio presentation or add content details in the Notes section. If you do not use PowerPoint, you can add details using video or an additional notes page. Explore Microsoft Office for information related to creating notes page.

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