Instructions: It is suggested that students complete this assignment after revie
Instructions: It is suggested that students complete this assignment after reviewing all the Week 4 lessons. Using proper MLA format, write an approximately 150-200 word paragraph responding to the following question. Make sure to pay close attention to structure, mechanics (grammar, spelling, and punctuation), and word choice. Also, be thorough in your response by including specific details and explanations. Attach your response in either a Microsoft Word or PDF format. Question: Many scholars contend that the act of reflecting upon one's own skills is as important to improvement as actually studying and practicing those skills. With that in mind, your last Reading Response in this course will ask you to construct such a self reflection: one in which you examine your strengths, weaknesses, the progress you've made this semester, the significant experiences you've had while studying literature, etc. Really stepping back and looking at your abilities and your experiences through an objective lens can be quite difficult, especially when you must then explain it clearly and thoroughly to an audience, so do your best. In your self-reflection (which may be written in an informal style, so it's fine to refer to yourself as "I"), please cover the following: Your overall progress this semester, including specific areas in which you've improved and areas that still require work A significant experience you had while conducting research or writing in which you learned something about yourself, about research, and/or about literature itself

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