Instructions: I. Format: a) No cover page, single spaced b) Informative title (a
Instructions: I. Format: a) No cover page, single spaced b) Informative title (a global issue, behavior/design recommendation), Subheadings, Reference Section c) Appears to be in intelligible English (full sentences, appropriate word use, few spelling and grammar errors) II. Content: a) Introduction: Rationale for project/objects choice, main claim (global issue, ethical responsibility). b) Theories/Concepts (possibly from class) c) Existing Studies: case studies, statistics, correlation studies, experimental studies. d) Original data (Optional): Your own data e.g. interview, survey, naturalistic or phenomenological observation e) Conclusion: Synthesizes findings, addresses behavioral/design recommendations, how it may improve lives, make the world a better place. III. Sourcing: a) In Text: Sources referenced in APA style. b) In Reference Section: Source info referenced in APA style, Scholarly sources c) Matching of Text and Reference section: IV. Global: Interesting to read My professor's feedback; Good points made. Include more in-text citations and adding more references. (Particular the 2nd paragraph). Use subheadings (give titles to different sections of the project: E.g ecological functions, design functions, industrial uses, major threads). Some statistics/studies (e.g forest loss, ecological impacts, details about how some of the evidence of benefits trees/nature was established). Give some specifics of the medical research mentioned by Nikkhou & Tezer (2020) (don't use all caps). Get rid of the brackets at bottom of page 3, beginning of last paragraph. List references alphabetically by author's last name, the last reference mentions the same first author twice.

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