Instructions GRA 0217 History of Art and Culture I – Final Paper 2021-22 Fall Th
Instructions GRA 0217 History of Art and Culture I – Final Paper 2021-22 Fall The papers must be submitted (via by 18:00 on 10.01.2022 Q 1. In early Christianity using figurative depictions was a common way of transmitting messages and stories of this new religion. This was also a period of transition from pagan believes into a monotheistic worldview. Therefore it is not very surprising to see some elements of pagan art being shown in a story from the Bible on the wall of the churches, baptisteries etc. Please name an example as such and discuss the features of the representation of a pagan element within the Christian context. (Min 250-Max. 500 words) (40 points) Q 2. Please discuss the concept of “reverse perspective” widely used in Byzantine Art (Min 250-Max. 400 words) (30 points) Q 3. Do you think art and its history provides us with hints about the past of humankind or in other words “What is art all about?” Please discuss the question within the framework and time span of this course of History of Art and Culture I (Min 250-Max. 400 words) (30 points) Notes: The font will be Times New Roman at 12 pts. Please do not forget to write your name, student number and department on the first page. Please write down the names of the source(s) you use after each answer. Please upload your papers in MS Word of PDF format. Sources Please do not simply copy-paste what you find on the internet. Please turn the information you find on the sources into your own saying just as you would do in an exam. You can use databases (jstor etc.) available via or you can use etc.

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