.Instructions: Please respond to the following questions in paragraph format unl
.Instructions: Please respond to the following questions in paragraph format unless otherwise instructed. Incorporate the concepts and information from the lectures notes and video link in your answers. How might the use of Internet search engines help you make better decisions on the job? Which one of the factors that influence decision-making would likely give you the most trouble? What can you do to position this factor in your favor? Assume that the director of a social agency was exploring different alternatives for decreasing the number of homeless people in the area. Describe how a political factor might influence his or her decision-making. Describe the general approach a firm of five real-estate developers might take to use the nominal group technique for deciding which property to purchase next. Visualize yourself as the manager of an athletic club. Give 3 examples of data you might be able to use in making decision about how to improve the profitability of the club. Gantt charts have been around for almost 100 years, and they are now implemented with software. Why do Gantt charts have such staying power? At least one-half of new restaurants fail within the first couple of years fail, even when these restaurants appear to be busy much of the time. How might two of the techniques described in this week’s lecture notes and materials help prevent this failure for someone opening a restaurant?

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