instructions: In Chapter 4 of Understanding Media Industries, Timothy Havens a
instructions: In Chapter 4 of Understanding Media Industries, Timothy Havens and Amanda Lotz introduce us to the regulation of the media industries. We learn about the history of regulation and the present structure of it: who regulates, what is regulated, and how regulation affects the content or products of the media (ie. primarily television programs and radio broadcasts). Regulation refers to the laws, guidelines, and policies that govern how media industries produce, distribute, and exhibit their products. Select a media product (television show/program, radio broadcast, Instagram photos, book, etc.). Answer the following: There are three interconnected questions asked in this chapter: "Who regulates?"; "What is regulated?"; "How do regulations affect the products of the media industries?" With these in mind, state, 1) who regulates the industry that created your chosen product, 2) what exactly is being regulated, 3) What are the consequences on that product of the regulation. Grading: As the attached grading rubric shows, your post must conform to standard essay writing format, organization, and grammar. Additionally, you must use at least two concepts/terminology described in the chapter, such as "net neutrality," least objectionable programming," "copyright," "antitrust," etc. Utilize the Quizlet feature for reminders of these terms and their definitions. Highest marks will go to those submissions that exceed these instructions by quoting from other texts, inserting images or links, and, above all else, presenting a sophisticated and well written argument.

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