Instruction: Write a minimum of 250 words discussion about ONE of the topics li
Instruction: Write a minimum of 250 words discussion about ONE of the topics listed below: Topics (choose 1 only): Topic A: Read the Cross Currents section on PAGE 7 of our Humanities Textbook. Do additional research on Tenochtitlan (capital of the Aztec Empire) during the period corresponding with the European Renaissance, and report on any topic of interest that you find. Cite your sources. Topic B: Read the Connections section on PAGE 17 of your book that discusses the relationship between mathematical proportions and architecture, music, and literature during the Renaissance era. Choose one of the relationships (ex. math and architecture or math and literature, etc.), do further research, and report additional information to extend the “conversation” about one of these relationships. Do not just summarize what you read in your Humanities book, but extend the topic by providing additional facts. Cite your sources. Citations: If you base your main post and peer response entirely on the reading shared, you DO NOT need to cite your sources. However, if you also use other resources (books, articles), cite them using MLA or APA Format Remember, there are two parts to a citation, the in-text citation and the references or works cited page at the end of the writing. Please do not use websites such as Wikipedia or any other to support the facts. Anyone can create content online nowadays, but not everyone has the qualifications or the necessary knowledge to do it. Use our library database, which has trusted sources (ebooks, peer-reviewed articles, etc.).

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