HomeWork 1:


After watching the video "The Musical Spectacle of Spider-Man” and reading the article, “Broadway’s ‘Spider-Man’ Musical Turns Off the Lights at Last” Attached I want you to reflect on these and discuss your opinions and thoughts related to what it "takes" to make it as a Broadway theatre production? What were you surprised by regarding the process?

250 to 300 words.

HomeWork 2:

For this discussion topic, you will first engage in a self-care activity. 

"Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health." Read more here: 

The initial response to the prompt should be well thought out.  It should be one robust paragraph at a minimum (4-6 sentences).  If you use any outside information (this includes words, thoughts, ideas, images, etc.), be sure that you cite and reference it accordingly.

Response Prompt:

1. Briefly (1-2 sentences) identify what you did for your self-care activity.

2. In 4-6 sentences, address whether or not colleges and universities should be required to provide “mental health days” to help to address the mental health problems among students.

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