Instruction and Assessment Evaluation Directions For this week’s assignment, you
Instruction and Assessment Evaluation Directions For this week's assignment, you will be writing an evaluation of your school's/district's reading instruction and assessment techniques. Using the selected statements below from the Read to Succeed District Exemplary Literacy Reflection Tool, rate your school's/district's instruction and assessment on a scale from 1-10, supporting this rating with documentation and citations from the readings: 1.Teachers use a comprehensive formative assessment system. 2.Teachers make instructional decisions for students based on data. 3Teachers work together in teams to collect and analyze data, 4establish goals and look-for for students, and create action plans for students. 5.Teachers notice, teach, and prompt for use of strategic reading behaviors. 6. Teachers and students collaborate to set measurable short-term goals aimed at growing students' reading behaviors and make strategic plans outlining how these goals will be accomplished. response should be in the form of a 500-600 word essay evaluation. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment: Create a new document of your choosing (Word, Google Docs, Open Office - anything that can be saved/exported to PDF format). Write your essay. Make sure that it is between 500-600 words. Be sure to use the rubric and always cite at least 3 of the professional readings directly to support your statements.

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