In your final project for AHE-426, you will draw on what you learned throughout
In your final project for AHE-426, you will draw on what you learned throughout the course by reflecting on the compilation of all of your hard work (prior assignments including your readings, discussion board, videos, text, written assignments, etc.). In an approximately 5 - 7 page report (exclusive of APA title page, abstract page, and reference page), discuss how your view of leadership has been impacted and your personal model of leadership has evolved. Be sure to include 5 - 6 direct references to our course material to inform your reflection. In preparing your report, you should consider and need to answer every bullet point completely as follows: What specific ideas about leadership did you arrive to the course with and how have some of these ideas been transformed? What ideas have been strengthened by the course material? Which readings had a particular impact on you and why? How did the key questions in the Discussion Board and your written assignments change your ideas and behavior? Demonstrate that you have really worked with and applied the text authors' and other assigned writer’s ideas. Name a leader that you would say exemplifies leadership in the way that you have built your own leadership model and why. How did your perception of a leader change? What will you do differently as you learned about your own leadership ideas? Capture the specific actions you will take, and your reflections on these actions? What is your current personal model of leadership? What leadership models covered in the course informed your decision on your leadership model? Include direct references to the course readings and other material. Describe your current personal vision of your leadership journey, again keeping in mind that your mission is to become a great health care leader. How would you define leadership now that we are concluding AHE 426? Go back and review your definition in week 1's discussion board and written assignment. What has changed, or not? Concisely state your definition of leadership in 3 - 5 sentences.

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