In Week 1, you learned about arbitration. Read Case 16.3 in your textbook. Rese
In Week 1, you learned about arbitration. Read Case 16.3 in your textbook. Research the full opinion on this case. This case deals with the arbitration of contract disputes in breaches of contracts. What facts/ideas justify the opinion of the court in this case? What alternatives could you suggest to eliminate the issues in these cases? Research another case using an arbitration clause to deal with a breach of contract. Is use of arbitration clauses ethical? Why or why not? Support your opinion with at least two ethical theories. Support your answer with legal concepts from this week’s learning. Be sure to provide in text citation and source information in APA format including a working URL. Case: Lederle Laboratories enters into a written contract to employ Wei as a chief operations officer of the company for three years, at a salary of $20,000 per month. After one year at work, Lederle informs Wei that her employment is terminated. This is a material breach of the contract. If Wei is unable to find a comparable job, Wei can sue Lederle Laboratories and recover $480,000 (24 months × $20,000) as compensatory damages. However, if after six months of being unemployed Wei finds a comparable job that pays $20,000 per month, Wei can recover $120,000 from Lederle (6 months × $20,000) as compensatory damages. In these examples, the damages awarded to Wei place her in the same situation as if her contract with Lederle had been performed.

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