In this project, you will identify a park near you in need of improvement, a loc
In this project, you will identify a park near you in need of improvement, a local representative with an incentive to help, and make a proposal for improvement to send to that representative. This will demonstrate political thinking. Writing a letter to your local official identifying the park by name, the improvements you think should be made, and why you think it is worth the resources of your local government compared to other projects they might be considering. As far as who to write your letter to, look up your park to learn if it is a county or a city park (or maybe a state or federal park). If it's a county park, choose a county official, like someone from the Board of Supervisors. If It's city park, one of the City Council members would be a good choice, or a park employee. If it's a state park, you need a state official, etc. *Criteria: Identify and Describe a Park: Identify a park in your area. Describe its facilities and functions. Identify an Appropriate Representative: You've identified a local representative by name and title who has some authority over the park under consideration. Propose Improvements: There is a thorough description of proposed improvements. Rationale for Why Improvements are Worth It: A great case is made for why these improvements will serve the community, and why they are one of the best possible expenditures for tax dollars right now.

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