In this paper, you will address an issue or topic as an argument. You will take
In this paper, you will address an issue or topic as an argument. You will take a stand on the topic and then argue your perspective. An example would be to argue against the use of animals in lab testing. The point of this paper will be to take the information you have learned from research in academic journals and use that information to make a convincing argument in the academic text format. You are making an argument that is relevant to you and, perhaps, to your future field of study at university. You can incorporate your personal experience if it is applicable. You will use sufficient supporting evidence from your research (at least 3 academic/scholarly sources). Remember that your argument does not have to be a binary = pro/con. You can discuss the complexities of an issue, arguing that complexity. Write as if you will be persuading me and your fellow classmates. Try to include the rhetorical strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos, that we have discussed in class. Your introduction should present your issue, provide background, and the claim (thesis) you intend to support with evidence from credible scholarly sources. Be sure to consider perspectives that might challenge or complicate your own. You must look beyond your own argument and respond to possible objections and concerns in your text (i.e., counterarguments), when it is applicable to your topic. Requirements: Minimum of 1,000 words. The minimum word count does not include the title, heading, or Works Cited page entries The paper should be submitted in 12 pt. font, double-spaced, normal margins, with a proper header: Your name, my name, Eng 112, and date Title (centered on the first page, above text) Correct in-text citations (MLA, 8th edition format) These include the author’s last name and the page number. Scholarly article examples: One author = (Smith 322). Two authors = (Smith and Taylor 1059). Two or more authors = (Jackson et al. 434). No commas between the author's last name and the page number. I will be looking to see that you provide sufficient in-text citations for your text. This includes in-text citations for quotes and for paraphrases. In some cases, I will be verifying your in-text citation with the page in the original article. Works Cited page in MLA format (8th edition). At least 2 academic or scholarly sources are required. The sources should be the same ones you used for the Annotated Bibliography assignment. You can also use additional sources that are not "academic" or from scholarly journals. But these must be included in the Works Cited and properly cited in the paper (in-text citations). Introduction, including: Thesis (main claim/What you are arguing Background and/or Context of topic Relevance (Why it matters) Supporting point 1: Evidence/examples/etc. Supporting point 2: Evidence/examples/etc. Supporting point 3: Evidence/examples/etc. Counterargument (if applicable) Conclusion: Review your key points in brief

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