In this lesson, you learned about sexual violence and harassment with an emphasi
In this lesson, you learned about sexual violence and harassment with an emphasis on identifying false beliefs, exploring the sociocultural factors that are related to sexual violence, and helping survivors. In this assignment, you will write a reflection essay on the video Rape Myths on Trial: Naming the Unnamed Conspirator ( You are encouraged to incorporate supporting evidence from credible sources, including the textbook and lesson materials. In your essay, please address the following points and questions: Briefly summarize the video by describing the setting and main premise. Describe what is meant by the expression the "unnamed conspirator" and explain one (1) example that was presented in the video. How important do you think the concept of the "unnamed conspirator" is in perpetuating sexual violence and victimization? Why? What do you think are the most dangerous or damaging false beliefs and/or assumptions about rape and why? Discuss at least two (2) Conclude by summarizing your learning in this lesson. Written Response and Paper Format Directions Prepare your response in a word-processing document. Your complete written assignment should be a minimum of around 1 single-spaced page (1-inch page margins and 12-point font), excluding your reference list, name, and title; there is no maximum page requirement. Cite ALL references as appropriate using in-text citations as appropriate and include a reference list at the end of your written summary. This includes any of the instructional material included in this lesson or the course. All answers and conclusions must be supported, as appropriate, with evidence and resources/citations using APA. Reference the Writing Resources for assistance. Submission You must submit your paper to Turnitin, using this drop box. Please be aware that your paper will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin. Thus, make sure everything is in your own words and that anything you paraphrase has been paraphrased appropriately.

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