In the pdfs I attached in the “additional materials” it shows one titled “AAS232
In the pdfs I attached in the "additional materials" it shows one titled "AAS232 Midterm Exam Spring 2022" which contains the instructions for the two questions I want you to complete. At the top of the pdf under "Submission Instructions" it provides some instructions for the two questions, but I don't want you to complete the essay part. Under "short answer questions" the 2 questions and what specifically to answer is there. The text that I want you to use for question #1 is the one in the "additional materials" titled "(Week2)Lorde, Poetry Is Not A Luxury (2)" and the one for question #2 is the other pdf attached, "(Week3)Gwendolyn Bennett To a Dark Girl." For question 1 that can be the 1st full page and question 2 can be the 2nd full page. For the 1st question the text for Week 2's author is who you will use (Audre Lorde) if you can include evidence from the story as well that would be great. Also, by any chance can you create a work cited page even though these are short response questions.

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