In the movie, Failure to Launch there is an agreement between Paula, Sue, and Al
In the movie, Failure to Launch there is an agreement between Paula, Sue, and Al to get Tripp out of the house. Through various antics on the part of all involved Tripp does eventually move out. Use the law and rules we have covered throughout the semester and the facts in the movie to support your responses within the essay. Part One – the contract Give the definition of a contact. Discuss whether each element is present and discuss whether believe a contract has been formed between Paula, Sue, and Al. Support your answer as to whether you think it is valid, void, or voidable. Does Paula have a fiduciary relationship with Sue and Al? If so, does she breach that relationship? Do Paula, Sue, and/or Al ever breach the contract? How, if at all, do Paula’s roommate and Tripp’s friends affect the contract? Part Two - Ethics Assuming the contact is legal, what are the ethical implications raised by such a contract? Discuss the ethical theories that Paula and Tripp’s parents would use to support their actions. Paula’s business may be legal, but do you believe it is ethical? Why or why not? Part Three - Defenses and/or Damages What, if any, defenses could Sue, Al, and/or Paula assert if they were sued by Tripp? What damages, if any, could Al, Sue, and/or Tripp obtain from Paula? Requirements Your essay is due by 11:59p.m. July 17th. Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, and use 12-point font. Your essay must be a minimum of two pages in length. Make sure you use proper citations when necessary. There will be rough draft extra credit due by July 10th, submit a rough draft or outline on that date for feedback. Remember to use IRAC format in responding to each section of the essay. You do not have to address each question individually within your essay because some information can be combined within your response, but you must address all elements and questions somewhere within your essay. I have just numbered them for your ease in knowing what you must address; format your essay as you desire within proper essay formatting boundaries. I would suggest a header for each of the three parts. Remember to write this in proper essay and paragraph formatting. Feel free to watch the movie as much as you want. Sometimes you can watch the movie for free on YouTube or rent for $2.99. It may also be available through other streaming services. It is currently available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime for $3.99. It might also be available on Netlix or other streaming services. You might also be able to find it on DVD. If you are having any trouble locating it or watching it please let me know. Addition information and instructions Reminder this essay Actions is due July 17th. Your answer can be based on your opinion but it must be backed up through information below and some other aspect of the law of contracts. Discuss the elements of contract and see if you think those parties would have won in court based on the facts you have. Use the topics and questions within the attached assignment to help fully develop your essay. Be sure to address all issues in your essay, but not necessarily in the order above to determine whether you think there is a contract, how ethics effect the situation, and what damages or defenses could be raised. This must be in Essay format. You may be able to answer more than one issue at the same time. The essay must be typed, double space, 12-point font, and minimum of two (2) pages in length. You must use the IRAC (issue, rule/reason/law, analysis, and conclusion) method as discussed in class, failure to do so will result in a deduction of points. The information needed to answer these questions may be found in all chapters covered up to the date it is due. Watch the movie as much as you’d like, in fact it may be helpful to watch it more than once. Remember you are given this essay now but we may not have covered in class for all the information you will need to fully answer all the issues. Also feel free to ask if you have any questions and I will try to help as I can without giving away the answers. Reference Aversano, S., et al. (Producers) & Day, T. (Director). (2006). Failure to Launch [Motion Picture]. United States: Paramount Last viewed 10/03/2020

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