In a 4-5 page paper, Times Roman – 12point-double spaces, write an essay that ma
In a 4-5 page paper, Times Roman – 12point-double spaces, write an essay that makes an argument for the Native American experience in California from the arrival to the Americas to 1900. In your response, make sure to cite two course videos twice (that is four citations total minimum, refer below for a list of videos) and the course text (Elusive Eden: Chapters 1-17, link to the book is provided below) at least 6 times (for a total of 10 citations minimum in the essay). Your essay should have at least one paragraph dedicated to the Pre-Conquest, Conquest, Spanish Colonization, Mexican Period, Gold Rush, and U.S. era of California history. The years and defining features of each those eras should be explained with special attention paid to how Native Americans situate into that period of California’s history. Your opening paragraph should summarize the essay and have a strong underlined one sentence thesis. The opening paragraph should provide a road map of what you are arguing and how you will prove it. Students will be graded on how well they explain the course text and videos’ thesis, argue their point of view, and use college level writing (grammar, spelling, style, word diversity, etc). Students who do not have in-text citations, not a reference list – there is a difference – will receive a Zero. You can use Chicago or APA formats only. COMMON NOTES I MAKE TO STUDENTS: PLEASE UNDERLINE YOUR STRONG THESIS! Have a thesis – it must argue something (vague langue and value judgment will receive 0 credit – make an argument) A strong UNDERLINED thesis (a thesis is one sentence). 12 point times roman font double spaced Cite the required content. Topic sentences that tie your evidence to the thesis (Make sure the language of each topic sentence is taken directly from the thesis!) Do not use contractions (Can’t, couldn’t etc) Only capitalize a word if necessary Do not give a book report, it is an essay No quotes or citations in a topic sentence Do not include cited material in the opening paragraph Take a stand, no weak thesis or topic sentences Use synonyms to diversify the words in the essay Use the proper tense. Include direct quotes that are less than two lines long that support your answer. Write a sentence or two to explain each quote. Conclusion paragraph should explain how the evidence and findings support your thesis. The Elusive Eden A New History of California Book List of Videos to cite (four citations total minimum):

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