*** IMPORTANT--- FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT THE PRINCIPLES/PROCESSES INCLUDED IN THE ATTACHMENT MUST BE INCLUDED.***  ASSIGNMENT Danny and Joanna are inviting proposals to plan, source, and oversee a spectacular wedding, featuring 300 guests. They would like a contemporary wedding theme with a full-scale reception in your area (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, DMV, USA). Prepare a proposal using the following guidelines:  Recommend a theme and venue (10 points)  Prepare a high level budget (10 points)  List accommodation (hotel) options near the venue for guests (10 points) Find two local caterers who can produce that kind of food (contemporary cuisine). Mention their website, food package if you are thinking of a specific one (10 points)  Decide on what type of cake or dessert will best fit your chosen wedding & budget breakdown. (10 points)  Include pictures of the flowers you plan to use in your assigned wedding along with the websites (10 points)  Find package prices for two Music/DJ/entertainment providers (10 points)  Identify two local photographers that fit the style and budget of the wedding (10 points)  Determine transportation costs to rent vehicles for the wedding (10 points)  Plan out the wedding day schedule (10 points)

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