Identify and describe the barriers to health care access in your community and w
Identify and describe the barriers to health care access in your community and what can be done to reduce these barriers. Comment on at least two others’ posts in the class. ( IM FROM LAREDO TEXAS WEBB COUNTY) CLOSE TO THE BORDER MEXICO Submission Instructions: For each discussion forum your initial post should be substantial and complete. A “substantial and complete” initial post is one that includes a synthesis of evidence from the literature and contains a real world example. It is a post that is at least 250 words in length, and includes two or more literature references, which are provided at the end of the posting, in which citations are provided in APA format. This initial post should be made by the Wednesday of the week (by 11:59pm CT). In addition you are to respond to others in the class, the instructor and/or peers on at least three occasions with follow-up replies that are substantial and which promote further discussion by asking follow-up questions. A “substantial” follow-up post is one that is at least 100 words in length, which is more than a simple “I agree with you” type of reply. It should be thoughtful and reflect a rationale for the statement made, and it should pose a question to promote ongoing and further discussion on the topic. For the week, participation should include postings on at least three separate days of the week. The initial and the follow-up posts should be scholarly, with appropriate language used, meaning all posts should follow all netiquette guidelines provided in the syllabus, and there should be no grammar or spelling errors. The discussion week begins on Monday mornings at 12:01am Central Time and ends on Sunday nights at 11:59pm CT. Please review the attached rubric for further details on how grades for the discussion boards will be calculated. If you have any questions about this rubric please post them to the muddiest point forum in the class, or email your questions to your instructor.

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