Identify an “at risk” group within your community that you will conduct a health
Identify an “at risk” group within your community that you will conduct a health teaching to. The group (5-10 persons) that you will educate (teach), could be from a church, community gathering, school, or social group. Please be advised that this group must not be in-patients, colleagues and/or staff from your work (unless they are a part of one of the aforementioned groups). After identifying your “at risk” group, Complete and submit a one (1) page teaching prospectus in the assigned drop box by Sunday at 11:59pm. Please follow the guidelines for this teaching prospectus which is located towards the end of this syllabus. Note: Your Teaching Prospectus must be approved by your instructor before you conduct your teaching session. Guidelines for Teaching Prospectus Prospectus should be only one page in length (make sure your name, date and the title of this project is at the top of the page). Also, please use single space with subheadings to make this prospectus look professional. State the “At risk” group that you have identified. State at least four (4) health needs that you have assessed with this group. State the health need that you chose to address for this group and why. State when and where you plan to teach this group. State if you have gotten permission to access the group or how you plan to go about obtaining permission. State at least three (3) goals/objectives for this group (these objectives are the same that you will have in your presentation). State at least three (3) resources that you plan to use to obtain information for this teaching project. State how you plan to evaluate your group’s learning. The following content is partner provided Sources must come from reputable sites like .gov, .edu, .org Additional Information: After you identify the "at risk" group in your community that you will be teaching, you will assess four (4) health needs of the group. Then you will prioritize these health needs and you will choose one (1) health need to teach the group about. This is the health need you will develop your Teaching Prospectus and power-point presentation on. Please use single space with subheadings ( for each item) to make this teaching prospectus look professional and follow the assignment guidelines and rubric when writing the Teaching Prospectus.

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