Identify a public sector topic you are interested in and comfortable researching
Identify a public sector topic you are interested in and comfortable researching, reading, and writing about. Topics should be from an area or issue pertaining to an aspect of the public sector that requires government action (taking a policy stand) or government inaction (refraining from making a policy stand). (Note: This public sector topic will be expanded upon throughout each course assignment). **The topic is No excuse absentee voting in Connecticut. Locate six or more recent scholarly and/or credible sources on the chosen topic. The sources should reflect varied perspectives on the topic (i.e., for and against, conservative and liberal, grassroots, and institutional, etc.) and not simply from one viewpoint. Both primary and secondary sources must be used, ideally three of each. Using a traditional academic essay format, compose an essay (3-5 pages in length, double-spaced) that identifies a public sector issue. The submission, at a minimum, should include a section that summarizes and synthesizes the research from your sources (i.e., literature review) as well as a section that analyzes the main themes and findings in your research. The end result should be to articulate a defined public sector problem and potential policy options (i.e., solution) to address the public sector problem. In addition to fulfilling the specifics of the assignment, a successful paper must also meet the following criteria: Length should be 3–5 double-spaced pages, excluding title page and reference page, and should include a formal introduction and conclusion. Utilize six or more sources, evaluating the credibility of these sources. A minimum of six references should be included to support your writing.

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