I will write about my last organization, a restaurant business where I worked fo
I will write about my last organization, a restaurant business where I worked for eight years. It will be titled: Issues and Solutions in the Workplace. I will pretend to be an outsider who was hired to come observe the workplace and how it is run. I will identify issues, create a plan to change them, and implement these changes to increase productivity as well as culture in the workplace. I will use Lewin’s Change Model for each issue identified along with the plan to change each issue. I will look at management styles and how the workplace is run as a whole. I will look into how communication is overall, especially from the leaders down, along with their policies with listening to issues and reacting to them. I will look at job roles and descriptions as well as the hiring process to fit each position, as well as pay for each employee based on experience and position in the workplace. I will look into the workload of employees compared to their job descriptions. Once I complete my observations, I will write out a plan on how to improve the workplace based on what I find and the steps needed to implement the changes using Lewin’s Change Model with the unfreeze stage, change stage, and refreeze stage. My plan will also be how to solidify these changes in the culture after I leave so the culture does not revert back to how it was prior to my observations and report. Papers are expected to be 10 to 15 pages in length (double-spaced) in APA format. The paper should include the following: Table of Contents Introduction Background Current thinking Conclusion References Supplemental materials The introduction should include why this paper is being done; what is the point. The background provides a summary of the issue or case. Current thinking covers current literature relating to the topic. For the area of relationship to current or other organizations, you should explain how the topic fits with the organization. The conclusion is what you think should be done to improve where you work and/or justify current policy/operations. There should be at least six (6) references from journal articles, textbooks, or government publications (excluding textbooks from this course). These can be from various sources but should include internet or online library resources. Supplemental materials to be attached to the end of the paper may include a specific policy or procedure in effect in your organization or personnel manual. Permission to use the material must be obtained, and the issue of confidentiality must be observed. Inability or failure to attach these materials will not adversely impact on grading. The paper is due at the date provided by the instructor. Papers should be submitted electronically. Papers without good cause will be reduced one letter grade for each day late. All work in this course is expected to be that of the individual student and/or the work of others that is appropriately cited. Presentation A presentation will be expected for each term paper. This can be a very brief PowerPoint presentation. This provides an opportunity for other classmates to provide comments on your work.

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