I will provide screenshots of ads representing masculinity in Men’s Health Magaz
I will provide screenshots of ads representing masculinity in Men's Health Magazine. In what ways are the portrayals “positive” (e.g., progressive, liberating, and empowering)? In what ways are they “negative” (e.g., stereotypical, limiting, degrading)? Examine text, camera angles, lighting, use of color, body positioning, etc. 
 Your paper will identify and explore 3-4 evident themes pertaining to that group or issue, citing specific examples and offering detailed analysis. 
An example of a thesis statement and preview of themes are: The ads appearing in the October 2021 issue of Maxim tend to reflect and reinforce hegemonic masculinity. The three most prominent themes related to hegemonic masculinity are men as physically strong, as professionally successful, and as sexually dominant. Themes will be supported by examples from that issue. For each theme, count and report the total number of occurrences, and provide a detailed analysis of 3-4 examples. In your analysis, refer to specific ads, and indicate their page numbers. 
 To provide context and additional support, you should draw on at least 5 scholarly sources including at least 2 sources outside our class readings; use internal citations and end your paper with APA bibliographic references. Document your sources carefully, especially when cutting and pasting quotes or images from Internet sources. To ensure that there are no papers with undocumented source material, we will be submitting our work in advance of the deadline so it can be scanned by Turnitin.com, view your originality report, and address any red flags identified by Turnitin.

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