i want you to put together all the sections (drafts) you have already submitted
i want you to put together all the sections (drafts) you have already submitted to me (topic, literature review and data and methods) after working on my feedback. Then, build a complete capstone final proposal by adding an introduction section, a discussion section, and references. Please i will upload the final proposal guidelines and two examples of the proposal guideline research to you, so you can see and know how to do it properly. and you can also have a clue about what you gonna do. I will also uploaded the previous paper that you submitted to me before, these are the papers that you gonna work on and collected them together in order to do the final research proposal. and there are some correction that you have to do in them and then you gonna added an introduction section, discussion section, and references. please no plagiarist, again don't added any other outside sources to my papers. the papers was already done and all you gotta do is made correction in them and added some words in it and complete it by adding a good introduction section, discussion section, data and method and references. that is all. as the paper was already done you just have to correct it and added some few and correct words in it. don't just do a complete different paper and then submit it to me, and don't just do a bad paper full of plagiarized and then submit it to me, just follow the instructions and the guideline. I also don't want you to added pages on my papers, i don't need that and i don't need pages added more, since the paper already done and have all of his complete pages, all you have to do is work on the paper that i uploaded make corrections and add some correct words in it and correct and do the introduction section, discussion section, data and method, and then the references. all of the references , introduction, data and method are already there. all you have to do is correct the part that are wrong and add some goo part in it to complete the paper. again please no plagiarized. don't add plagiarized on my paper please ,also the data needed more improvement. please read the instructions and follow the capstone research proposal guideline that i uploaded. please no plagiarized, and don' add pages because the papers already have all the complete pages needed, when you collect them together. And take a look at the example to know what you doing. i will uploaded the example, so you can see it.

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