I want to include how my passion for interior design started because I noticed t
I want to include how my passion for interior design started because I noticed the lack of social spaces in the LGBTQ+ community that were not centered around alcohol, drugs, etc. I used to go out to events in NYC for LGBT people and they were always centered around alcohol. at one of these parties I met someone named Lawson who owned an interior design firm and he said I had good energy and a great eye, I interned for him for a short period of time and shadowed him throughout his interior process. Growing up I did not have lgbt friends so he was not only like a friend but also a mentor. I learned about custom furniture design and interior styling aswell as working with client budgets and catering to client wants and needs. . In the future I would love to create spaces and social clubs to connect young lgbt people with eachother. you can also include how my dad is a project manager for a construction and architecture company, and my first job was construction work with him from the ages of 16-22. throughout that period of time I did intense labor but I saw the ins and outs of hard construction work like errecting scaffolding, building barricades, laying concrete and asphalt, and working with natural materials. throughout this process I fell in love with the natural and sensory colors and textures of materials, and worked directly with architects, interior designers, and landscape artists. I never had a great relationship with my father growing up and I did not want to start working construction, but throughout the process me and him started to see eye to eye, and our passion for the job made our relationship stronger.

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