I need to write 5 journal article review reports in relation to the Business Adm
I need to write 5 journal article review reports in relation to the Business Administration Retail Management course. Although the articles to be evaluated will be from business journals such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes, evaluation reports will be written by associating the information in the Pearson book of the course. Evaluation reports that need to be written are not in the form of a one-to-one summary of the article, but in a more comprehensive way by linking to the Retail Management topics, and the article is requested to be explained. Necessary documents, especially related articles and books, will be provided to you by me. 1100 words for one report. I need 5 seperate report at the same time I sent you an sample article we will work on and the course book for Retail Management which we need to get associated the information in our reports. It is important that the informations in article reviews need to get associated with the Retail Management terms.In short, we need to evaluate the content of the article by associating it with the course content, providing examples and making additions. I would appreciate it if you would consider this as well. I want to give an extra information for you. As I am a university student who is on last semester in Turkey. Because of that, the English level on the reports need to be more simple than Native English. As, if it will be on advanced level my professors can easily understand it. Not much simple it can be on intermediate - upper indermediate level 🙂 I will get collect the articles from business magazines such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes and I will get attached that articles a bit later

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