I need a replay for this post The primary role of nursing theories is to act as
I need a replay for this post The primary role of nursing theories is to act as a guide to nurses in their practices. The theory of unpleasant symptoms shows the significant aspects of a patient's symptoms to develop a strategy for research and practice (Lee et al., 2019). Using the theory of unpleasant systems in an assessment tool for patients’ symptoms, I would look for the primary factors that influence the symptoms. Knowing the influencing factor will help the nurse in doing their research. The major cause includes understanding your patient's history to get to the bottom of the severity and cause of the symptom. Knowing the history of the patient includes all the psychological influences. When it comes to factors influencing the symptoms, I will have to observe their nature and even evolution. Depression is one of the psychological issues that may affect a patient's symptoms (Blakeman, 2019). Other various factors can affect the nature of the symptom. Nutrition is one of the factors that may influence an illness can or even genetics. Psychological factors tend to affect a patient's symptoms and even the environment where the patient is exposed. However, knowing the influencing factors makes it easy to know the practices to include. The situational factor tends to impact the assessment tool for patient symptoms. All these influential factors relate to each other in a significant way. The results or consequences of experience are also among the components I would look at in an assessment tool for patient symptoms. Performance of symptoms indicates or shows the practical reaction, and this is after the experience of the symptoms (Gomes et al., 2019). Knowing the consequence of the symptom will assist nurses in carrying out their research about the symptom. The reported outcomes of the symptom show the changes in the patient's health. If nurses notice the changes, they will be able to know the possible research strategy they are going to use. Results or the consequences do not occur once, but they can be seen severally. A quality indicator is one of the things I would look for in an assessment tool to show the patient's symptoms. The quality of the symptoms involves how complex they might be. In dealing with a symptom, nurses need to know the quality and the level of care it needs. Knowing the quality of symptoms is a guide to prevention strategies. However, quality of the symptoms goes hand in hand with its intensity (von Sadovszky et al., 2018). If the nurses can know the intensity of the symptom, it is easier for them to develop the research strategy.

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