I need a personal statement essay for medical school. I have one from last year
I need a personal statement essay for medical school. I have one from last year which I have uploaded that you can use to some of the info for writing this one, but I need a new essay from scratch and not an edit of this one. For instructions, I want to tie it to me not giving up and continuing to apply year by year, and doing new things year by year. like creating a company named aegle (info in the file added), and now taking classes again and doing well in them (I got Mostly A's with one B this semester with 6 classes which are 23 units). and also taking the mcat and improving every single time even though it is not what I wanted as a score. and I want to tie that into drs not giving up and trying to better public and community health. and maybe tieing it into covid i guess. Cause it has to be about healthcare and why I wanna do it. also talking about not just public health, but global health. how it's important.so as mentioned, used some of the stuff from my previous personal statement. Also I broke my knee on April 28. It was shattered and I had to get a surgery and get 2 plates. So please also talk about my broken leg, and how I did not give up, that could go into the personal part. me not giving up and doing all that. with drs and their constant adaptation and not giving up. i guess adaptation more. You can use the previous personal statement to write about why I wanna be a dr also you can use the global health part. I want to tie and compare like I said, drs and adaptation with public health and global health. to me every year trying to get into medical school and doing something new. and even this year, with a broken leg, I maintained grades. If there is any other info that is needed, please feel free to message me. Thank you

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