I need a discussion post and a response to a student Read the following argument
I need a discussion post and a response to a student Read the following argumentative/persuasive readings: King, Martin Luther - "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" Sherry, Mary - "In Praise of the 'F' Word" Respond to ONE of the following questions: Martin Luther King uses logos (logic/reasoning), ethos (his credibility), and pathos (the emotional connection to the reader) to convince a group of pastors that his cause should also be their cause. Discuss the 'ethos' King portrayed to the reader. How did he prove to them his voice was worth listening to? Does Sherry make a good argument? Why? How could Sherry improve her argument? Explain. Note: To earn full credit for this graded discussion, post at least two times. First, post your own thoughts. This post should be substantial (containing at least 250-300 words). Next, respond to the post of another student. Remember to follow the rules of netiquette. Be polite, professional, and thoughtful. This post should contain at least 100-150 words. All posts need to be in your own words. student post- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a letter to his clergymen on why he was in the Birmingham jail. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a peaceful civil rights activist who was sent to Birmingham jail because his activities we “unwise and untimely” according to his letter. Throughout his letter; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. demonstrates his passion and his emotion behind his letter. All he wants is for his clergymen to join his cause. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is going about his protest in a civil manner. What I mean by civil; is he is not burning down buildings for his cause but instead he is civil about what he is doing. Which is leads into his ethos; which is also his credibility. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. To the viewers eye; he is a man of God and peace. Not only that; but he is the leader of him. All he wants is just peace and civil rights for people of different skin colors. So with him having those type of credentials already can persuade the reader to listen to him. By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being known for being a peaceful and pure man; gives him credibility as well. If he was known for burning down buildings or causing pain and suffering to those who are against his cause; can lead his pastors to steer away from him. So with his pure credibility of non-violent protest and his church status; already gives his audience a reason to listen and join his cause for civil rights among people.

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