I included attachments of terms from the textbook from Module 2 in my course. Pl
I included attachments of terms from the textbook from Module 2 in my course. Please whatever terms you choose. Please make sure you choose five minimum terms from the pictures. Also don’t forget the foot notes in the body of the text and endnotes to reference the footnotes in the body. I also attached the “21 purchase inputs to the consumer blog” in a pdf file. Thank you for doing this for me. Here are the instructions for the assignment from the professor: <
Review the key concepts you learned in Module 2 as they apply to internal influences, self-concept, lifestyle and situations. Review all 21 purchase inputs to the consumer blog you have made to date. Is the pattern to your purchases becoming clearer? Do you see how your mood or research can affect your spending? For example, did you base your purchases on how you felt at the time or memories from childhood to make yourself feel good or in response to a holiday? <
WRITE & SUBMIT a SINGLE-SPACED essay with at least 500 words in the body. Describe at least five (5) specific concepts from the text using your purchases to illustrate each concept. Please bold each concept and be sure to use FOOTNOTES to cite the textbook. Find at least two (2) outside references that illustrate or strengthen your understanding of the concepts and cite using FOOTNOTES. <
DO NOT USE online versions of this class (that will count as a textbook reference if you do), Wikipedia, online dictionaries, etc. Do real research to find data or articles that support the concept as it applies to you. <
Use FOOTNOTES to reference the textbook concepts and outside sources. See the FAQs for instructions on how to use footnotes. <
GRADING: Points are taken off for each infraction: <
Late: - 5 points per day after due date <
Less than 500 words: -2 <
Failure to use FOOTNOTES properly: -2 to -5 <
Fewer than five concepts from the text: -5 per missing concept <
Fewer than two outside references: -5 per missing reference <
Failure to follow directions (eg single spacing): -2

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