I have an analysis report and I am assigned to the “Issues and Recommendation” s
I have an analysis report and I am assigned to the "Issues and Recommendation" section. I have attached the case study and marking rubric please take a look. This report requires us to read a case study (page 590-604 in the PDF): Read Case 15 – Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service from Essentials of Services Marketing, (3rd Ed.), Wirtz, Chew, Lovelock, pp. 590–604. Here are the details for the section I am assigned to: Please feel free to use external resources + resources in the case study to support the ideas. It may not need to be 500~ words, aslong as its 2 pages It doesnt matter. Issues and Recommendations • Identify and explain key issues that the management team must address. • What are the recommendations you would make in order to address any issues your group identified from your research and/or based on case facts? • Be very specific and detailed. • Provide qualitative and quantitative support for your chosen recommendation(s). • What are the risks? • How can these risks be mitigated? - What other recommendations would you make to Starbucks’ management team? What issues would these recommendations address? How much would they cost and what is the ROI on these recommendations?

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