I have 4 journal entries to complete. Each of them should be at least 250 words.
I have 4 journal entries to complete. Each of them should be at least 250 words. These journal entries are for a technical writing class. No sources needed. Journal 1: Use this week's journal entry to reflect on the stakes of technical communication and why technical communication matters. So often, technical communication is considered the boring and mundane writing that you do in a technical workplace; that it is just the written down parts that are necessary so that you can focus on the real technical work. This is not entirely the case. That necessary writing is part of technical communication, but as a whole, technical communication is far more significant to the functioning of the global economy and even what we can imagine and invent the future to be. Consider what it means to invent the future and how the conditions under which one imagines that future can limit how you move forward. What is left unconsider? What are those things that you hadn't even thought about? How can our unintented biases and perspectives limit or enhance how we communicate technological possibilities? Journal 2: For this week's reflection journal, take the time to reflect on and consider the specific formats that you have used in this class so far. Specifically, focus on the limitations and possibilities in the formats for Article Summaries and Technical Definitions. How do the restrictions of specific technical communication formats help shape the content that is presented in those documents? Journal 3: For this week, reflect on the concepts of effective style and document design within technical communication. How much does the style and design of a document affect the overall impression that an audience gets? How does this relate to your writing in other areas? Do you worry about style and design in social media posts? Text messages? What type of style/design work in those environments? How is that different from/similar to document design and effective style within technical communication? Journal 4: For this week's entry, focus on the complexities of research and how it relates to our personal perspectives, biases, and logical fallacies. How do these limitations relate to technical communication? How do biases and perspectives relate back to audience analysis and persuasion? How do our perspectives help us compose in technical communication? How do our perspectives and biases help us persuade (or hurt our ability to persuade) our audiences?

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