I already started the paper but I am out of ideas. It is a paper I am working on
I already started the paper but I am out of ideas. It is a paper I am working on with Gang Violence and the impact on society. In my country of St kitts and Nevis there is this peace programme that pay gang members to lead a different lifestyle " but one can not pay people to behave or not commit crime". Please in bold section into essay. Three (3) **** This is what I wrote so far The topic I chose about community issues is very personal to me because it affects not only me but other persons around me. There are many persons in society that are afraid to speak out on issues as a result of pressure to be disliked or disadvantaged about jobs or loss of jobs, spite or even crime. This forum is ideal for persons to speak or in this case, write about what affects them. I live in a small society and mostly everyone knows everyone. We continue to live in the grips of our politicians who have their hands in everything. On the second issue of gangs, it is personal to me because of the continuous none effective methods the government chooses to handle the situation with them. They lime, drink, smoke, and drive around flaunting money whilst other people have to work extremely hard to earn their wages or salaries. I want to explore better ways in which to assist the communities and country as a whole and move away from the way the gang members have antagonised society with their boisterous ways and movements. Scholarly Journals that I looked up. (n.d.). Office of Justice Programs.https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/nij/190351.pdf Harris,D. (2011).Understanding the psychology of gang violence: Implications for designing effective violence interventions. I will use the information in my research paper to outline various aspects surrounding gangs and the impact it has. The plausible reasons why some may join gangs. The effects of gang violence on individuals, families and the community. Plans they may have for the future. Their afflation to certain gangs may influence the use of drugs, guns and violence. Violence that gang members may perpetrate on other persons including rival gangs. Governmental response to the rise of violent crime and gang violence. The impact of Gang Violence on the Community, Gang violence continues to be a societal issue that has been crippling our community, economically, socially, physically and psychologically. “Exposure to violence in the community is not uncommon. Adolescents living in violent communities have described experiences with various forms of community violence and several researchers have reported that many adolescents encounter gang violence in their community. (Kelly, Sarah, R.N., PhD. 2017). Gang violence is not the path that most of our youth want to take, but there are factors that contribute to that life. It is evident that there are influences that attract adolescence to a life of gang violence. The increase in gang violence has impacted our financial resources significantly because the persons who are admitted to the hospital for gun related gang violence cost the government a significant amount of money for lodging, medication, lab test, and the use of the machines just to name a few. This expense is then past on the ordinary citizens because they have to pay taxes to keep the medical institutions open or to the families who have to struggle financially to be able to pay for these medical expenses. Then there are instances when the survivors of gun-related violence are left with a physical disability, so there are unable to contribute to the community and the government is left with the burden of looking after these individuals for the rest of their life. These are revenue that could have been used in other areas of the economy like education, sports or poverty alleviation. The physical effect that can be related to gun violence is, being paralyzed, the loss of limb, some may have gotten shot in their eyes which leads to blindness, etc. There is also a psychological effect that gun violence have not just on the gang members but on the member of the community. The residents of the community live in constant fear for their lives, children are afraid to come outside to play and the adults are constantly worrying about themselves and their children. Because the children are afraid to be outside, they will be missing out on an opportunity to socialize with their friends and peers. Then there is also the possibility that some of these children have family members who are members of these gangs. Sometimes children want to be a part of a gang because it looks exciting, they want to feel a sense of belonging of there want to earn quick money. They may also want to join a gang so they can feel a sense of protection and love. These children are then exposed to guns, addictions, and having to witness gun-related violent crimes. This can cause children to have psychological issues, where they just withdraw from family and friends. This can also cause them to start failing in school or start to act out in class. Children also have a way of mimicking what they see, so they will want to imitate the life of their family members who are a part of these gangs. Members of gangs who witness their friends or even a rival from another gang being murdered have a lasting effect on most of these youth. They have nightmares, which cause them not to be able to function effectively and sometimes it leads to them having mental issues that may require them to be institutionalized. The psychological part of this can also affect the parents of persons who are a part of a gang because there are constantly worrying about the safety of their children. Then there are the parents who lost a son of a daughter to gun violence. This may cause them to have sleepless night, fatigue and sometimes mental issues which can last for the rest of their live. Gang violence don’t only affect the members of the gang but also everyone in the community, whether it is the Police, person in the law enforcement field, the doctor, nurses, teacher, politician, pastors, business owners, parents and family members or the ordinary citizens of the community. “A gang is an organized group who plan and carry out crime for profit, often using violence. Gangs may have a name, symbols, colours, signs, graffiti, clothing brands and tattoos. Gangs often claim a certain area for their criminal activities and violence. “ ( Lewis, G. 2017, September 20) References Kelly, Sarah, R.N., PhD. (2017). The psychological consequences to adolescents of exposure to gang violence in the community: An integrated review of the literature. Journal of Child and Adolescent Pscgiatric Nursing, 23(2), 61-73. Retrieved from https://www.proquest.com/scholarly-journals/psychological-consequences-adolescents- exposure/docview/3049300018/se-2?accountid=41012 Lewis, G. (2017, September 20). Gang violence. Province of British Columbia. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/justice/criminal-justice/bcs-criminal- justice-system/reporting-a-crime/what-is-a-crime/crime-examples/gang-violence

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