This assignments asks you to do two things: Create a checklist for universal design Use the checklist to evaluate a public environment or business for both strengths and areas for growth Please note: You should preview Module 4’s assignment “Redesigning a Community Space” prior to your field trip to understand the second step of this assignment. Steps STEP 1: Pre-Field Trip: Universal Design Checklist Design a checklist that will evaluate an environment for each of the 7 principles of Universal Design. Include a definition for each principle as well as guiding questions that will allow you to answer the question. Here is an example of how this could look- this is obviously not a universal design checklist example, this is just an example of the structure of the checklist: Soccer Skills Checklist Principle #1: Footwork Footwork included how well children are able to use both feet to maneuver the ball. This includes how well they use each foot and thier control around obstacles. Guiding Questions: Strengths (Describe in complete sentences) Weakness (Describe in complete sentences) Can the child use both feet to dribble the soccer ball? Can the child navigate dribbling through traffic cones? Does the child favor one foot over the other? Step 2: Field Trip: Evaluate an Environment Using the Universal Design Checklist You will select a place to visit and evaluate this location using the checklist you created.. **If Covid-19 fears are of concern, you may evaluate an online experience like a virtual visit to a museum. This visit could be an outdoor space like a park, a zoo, a theme park, etc. or an indoor space, like a school, business, mall, etc. While on your field trip, you will use your checklist to evaluate the location. You will submit your completed checklist with at least 5 pictures (3 must include you) that help illustrate your experience and the strengths and weaknesses regarding universal design at the location you selected. Your Checklist will look like this (This is just an example of a partially completed checklist for Principle 1: Principle 1: NAME OF PRINCIPLE Definition: COMPLETE DEFINITION HERE IN YOUR OWN WORDS Questions: Please ensure you include 2-3 questions for each principle Strengths: Weaknesses: Question 1: Are different areas accessible to people with diverse needs? The multilevel swings are accessible to children and adults of a variety of sizes. The swings are above soft woodchips which makes it accessible to people who may fall and need a soft space to land, for example, someone with a bleeding disability. The sign above the swings uses the word "swings" in English and has a visual of people using the swings that may help language learners or people who cannot read. The swings are in very close proximity to other toys. This may be a weakness for children or adults with anxiety or other health needs, as the area may become very loud due to the close proximity to other areas. Additionally, there is not a paved path to the swings that would allow for children or adults who use a wheelchair to easily transfer to the swings. What you will turn in: You will submit your completed checklist At least 5 pictures (3 must include you) that help illustrate your experience and the strengths and weaknesses regarding universal design at the location you selected. Failure to submit pictures will result in 0 points

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