HR Capstone Project: HRM Effectiveness Improvement Plan (Paper) Overview: 15 pag
HR Capstone Project: HRM Effectiveness Improvement Plan (Paper) Overview: 15 pages (4,125 words) Reference: 10. APA6. (Any of the listed sources can be used.) l Capstone Project n You will select a topic of interest in HRM, identify a problem or opportunity in a real organization of your choice, and create a plan to improve the effectiveness of the organization. This will be done through solving the problem or capitalizing on the opportunity. For example, you might select succession planning in a medium-sized business and then create a plan to make the organization more efficient. Alternatively, you might choose to address some new piece of legislation and how it will affect a large corporation. You would create a plan to implement a legally compliant approach that takes into account the business strategy of the organization. The value of this approach is that it brings specific meaning and expertise to the issues under the umbrella of HRM. If you have any questions about selecting a topic and an organization, contact your faculty. n Using your knowledge of leadership, strategic management, process management, analytics and metrics, talent acquisition and workforce planning, comprehensive rewards, employment and labor law, and ethical responsibilities in HRM, you must address the following three key areas in your overall plan: u How will you measure the effectiveness of the opportunity? Consider an HR scorecard, benchmarking, dashboard, return on investment (ROI) computations, or another measurement. u What strategies will you develop in the areas of talent and workforce management as you implement your plan? u What strategies will you develop to address organizational culture as you implement your plan? l PROJECT STRUCTURE AND STEPS n Your first component of the capstone project is a literature review. It is suggested that you complete the following before you begin this assessment: u IMPORTANT: You will need to begin by choosing a topic of research, organization, and problem or opportunity that addresses improving the organization's effectiveness and submitting it to your faculty for approval. If you have any questions, contact your faculty. u To narrow the project scope, start by reading the assessment instructions and scoring guides for each project component to learn the requirements and ensure that your topic and the problem or opportunity are appropriate for the capstone project. u Next, think about what topics you have a passion for within HRM. What problems are most important to solve when you think about HRM within organizations today? u You may also find that reviewing your projects from previous courses and artifacts that you have collected in your e-portfolio will help you choose a topic and complete the project. u Note: The organization that you choose can be a current or past employer or another organization that is of interest to you and from which you can gather information to complete this project successfully. l Complete your 15 page final capstone project plan and a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation synthesizing your research and summarizing your plan for improving effectiveness. l The field of HRM has experienced many opportunities and challenges in recent years. HRM has moved from being an administrative function to being a role that demands a number of new and challenging competencies. The HRM literature suggests that the profession faces a critical time. With more organizations downsizing, outsourcing, or eliminating their HRM functions, clearly HRM professionals must seize the opportunity to solidify with other senior management their role as strategic partners. l Review your own experiences with HRM. There are many important HR functions and programs to assess. The most important question may be whether HRM in your organization, or based on your reading, has become this strategic partner within an organization. More important, does HR leadership exhibit the competencies necessary to lead an organization through a period of more uncertainty and change? l As you complete your course project, imagine yourself as an HRM leader who must lead and enhance the role of HRM in your organization. Think about what employees and senior managers need to know about a strategic HRM function. l Introduction n Complete your capstone project plan and PowerPoint presentation. This work synthesizes your research in the field of HRM and summarizes your effectiveness improvement plan as it relates to your topic, organization, and problem or opportunity. l Instructions n Complete the following: u Finalize your plan, adding all the components you have completed and integrate them with an introduction and a conclusion. Note that your final plan should not simply merge the previous project components into a single document. Rather, it should be a thoughtful, fully integrated plan that demonstrates your achievement of the HRM program outcomes. Use headings and subheadings to organize and structure your plan. n Develop a PowerPoint presentation that showcases your effectiveness improvement plan by providing a summary of your capstone project. The presentation should synthesize all of your research, highlight key findings, and summarize your final plan for improving effectiveness. l Resources: n Use a total of at least 10 references and include both trade publications and peer-reviewed articles.

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