How both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child
A vitally important component of a research paper is mapping a plan of action and direction. A valuable tool used in the planning stage of writing is a comprehensive outline. Outlines are beneficial in aiding to organize your thoughts and information related to a project, and it also helps you clarify your ideas. Developing an outline will help you structure and organize large volumes of information before writing your first rough draft. It also gives the instructor a tool in which to guide you in research writing. Therefore, you will submit a completed Research Outline which contains the guided development with claims, subclaims, support, warrants, etc. to be used in the research writing. In a Word Document, develop a 3-point outline, with each point being supported by textual evidence (Roman numeral/alpha style format) for the upcoming research essay project. Each of the three points in the outline should be limited to one sentence or a portion of a sentence (in brief), stating the main idea or information that will be included for each outlined point. This will ultimately allow you to create an essay that contains a minimum of 5 paragraphs: The Introduction, three body paragraphs, and a well arranged, concluding paragraph. The outline should contain clear placement of claim(s), rebuttal(s), subclaims, support, backing, and warrants (logical and contextual). The document should include your name and the (tentative) title of the paper in the top left corner heading area. (At this point in the project, you should realize the outline can change multiple times before the final draft is written.) You are to submit the completed document as a working part of the research paper.

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