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 Management class


Weekly Writing Assignments  The writing assignments include answering the questions at the end of the respective chapters. Each respective question should have a minimum of 200 words in each answer. It is encouraged to use one or two references to support your position. Your text can be used as a source. Be careful with your grammar and spelling. This is a three hundred level college course and therefore it is expected that each assignment is treated as such. APA writing style format will be used for all written assignments. This means that there will be a title page, a reference page, headings and subheadings and double-spacing. 

Text book  

Management: Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World 

Bateman & Konopaske 14 edition


Chapter One

          1) Discuss the four ongoing challenges that characterize the business landscape and explain why they are important.

          2) How can leaders manage for a competitive advantage? Name all of the elements and discuss their roles.

          3) What are the functions of management and explain what they do?

          4) What are the management levels and skills and what do each of them do?

Chapter Two

          1) What is the internal environment composed of?

          2) Discuss each element of the internal environment.

          3) What is the external environment composed of?

          4)  Discuss each element of the external environment.

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