WEEK 6/P/ 2 BEHS 103 2


. You just started your new job as a Health Services Manager at a local hospital. The CEO wants your opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of various third-party reimbursement arrangements with respect to revenues and provider incentives. Pick one of the reimbursement arrangements discussed in this week’s reading, explain how it works, and discuss ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage.

2) Fundamentals of Healthcare Financial Management: A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities by Steven Berger. Chapter 1: January

3) Managerial Accounting (Saylor) Chapter 1.3: Key Finance and Accounting Personnel

4) Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement

"Health Care Payment Reform: Strengths and Weaknesses of 9 Methods for Provider Reimbursement"

5) “Medicaid Delivery System and Payment Reform: A Guide to Key Terms and Concepts”

6) Forms of Business Organization 

7) The Pros and Cons of Corporations, LLC, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorship

8)  Major challenges confronting hospitals



1. What is the revenue recognition principle?

2) Introduction to Financial Accounting (Dauderis and Annand, 2014A)

Chapter 2: The Accounting Process



3) Introduction to Financial Accounting (Dauderis and Annand, 2014A)

Chapter 3:1 The Operating Cycle



4) Small Business Management in 21st Century (Saylor Academy, 2012)

Chapter 9.1: Understanding the Need for Accounting

View: The accounting primer video below 

Review:    (This is a good introduction and review of accounting principles and statements if you are new to accounting or a bit rusty)

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