HIS Review Essays **See Blackboard for due dates and article/chapter assignments
HIS Review Essays **See Blackboard for due dates and article/chapter assignments Review essays are meant to display your academic writing skills and to show off your understand of a particularly reading. Most importantly, however, they provide practice in one of the most valuable skills offered by a college education: the skill of critical reading. Not only are you expected to show that you understand the author’s main points, you are expected to analyse those points and the evidence used to make them. Reviews are difficult, in part, because they are short (2 pages) but need to provide a great deal of information. You want to begin with a brief explanation of the topic the author is writing about. What time period is she examining and which historical event(s)? For this section, the shorter the better. (Think one or two sentences) Next, you want to present the author’s argument. What is she trying to prove in the article or chapter. What is significant about her argument? For example, is she countering someone else’s point? Or adding a new perspective we haven’t heard? What evidence does she use to support her argument: For example, what types of documents? Or interviews? or physical evidence? Whose points of view do these documents reveal? What are her best examples? Finally, you want to include an analysis of your own. What did you think of the author’s work? Not the history that she wrote about, but the writing itself -- the points she made, the arguments, her use of evidence. For example: Are her sources credible? Did she convince you of her point? Or are there other points she should have considered? Or you could compare her argument with something else we’ve read for class? Requirements: Length: About 2 pages, or 500 words Due via Blackboard in ‘Assignments’ (Please submit to your author’s link) Please attach your paper, rather than type in the textbox Format: Times New Roman/12pt font; double spaced; 1-inch margins; page numbers Excessive grammar or spelling errors will affect your grade. Please Proofread! Authors and page numbers must be cited when using their ideas or words. Please see style guides for either MLA or Chicago and be consistent. Grading is √, √+, √-

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