Hide Assignment Information Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turni
Hide Assignment Information Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions What are your career dreams? Do you want to work in a faith based organization or perhaps your dreams will lead you to working in another type of nonprofit organization, such as the YMCA. An important organization to know about is the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. For your final project, you are writing a paper and then creating a powerpoint based on your paper. First, write a paragraph about your career aspirations. Next, visit the website of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits: https://gcn.org/georgia-nonprofit-careers/ Explore this website and learn about Work for Good, then look at the job board and find two job opportunities that appeal to you. For example, perhaps I find the listing for a youth minister at Glenn Memorial Church appealing. Click on the job link and learn more about what the job qualifications are. Describe the two jobs you select and how you could prepare yourself so that you could acquire the job qualifications needed for these two positions. Next click on their News Link, find an article/newsletter and describe what you learned from reading this material. Find their link for a free resume review. What did you learn about this service? Would it be valuable to you? Next, review the services offered by their Nonprofit Consulting Group. Can you see how the services they offer relate to the courses in your Beulah curriculum? Lastly choose any other category you find (listed at the bottom of the page entitled What We Do). Write about this category: what did you learn? Why did you choose this category? Your paper will be 2 1/2 to 3 pages of content (or longer if you choose).

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