Hi there, This is me again, the guy who asked you to write projects about insec
Hi there, This is me again, the guy who asked you to write projects about insect. You are still need to focus on the relationship between economics and insect. But! Note that you are not going to write the particular beetle species you have chosen last time, because the professor said the species you have chosen do not make it the best representative of your topic. So, you need to write about Bubas bison as your species this time. (It featured in the paper you provided) Here are the Instructions for this week’s project: This section should be 3-5 paragraphs. Do not write in first person (i.e. 'I am so annoyed by mosquitoes, I find it hard to believe they serve any useful purpose...') Academic writing is formal and should be done in third person (ex: 'Beyond being a nuisance to all of human kind, mosquitoes are...) Things to include: Discuss (in-depth) how your featured insect affects your critical issue Analyze the relationship between entomology, technology and society Discuss other fields or aspects of society that are affected by this critical issue Analyze the role of entomology and technology in shaping diverse fields Discuss how this critical issue demonstrates the positive and/or negative relationship between humans and insects Articulate a critical perspective on the insect-human connection You may want to have a look at Insects and Society Final Project (See the image that I uploaded here.) - Tips for Success for more information on what it means to 'analyze' or 'articulate a critical perspective.'

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