Hi make a discussion post please. Read instructions carefully.Thanks! In this mo
Hi make a discussion post please. Read instructions carefully.Thanks! In this module you have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of tools and technology used within the Information Technology Field. For this discussion, you will either choose one of the new tools or technologies you learned about in this module or identify a tool or technology that you have used within your own experience. Once you have selected a tool: Describe what the tool is How you could use or have used it How you think it might be used by someone in a specific IT role or environment In your response to others, suggest another environment, profession, or way the tool they described could be used. You can do it about Microsoft Visio Then Respond two of my classmates thanks. 1-Good Afternoon, The tool that will be part of my discussion will be PKI(Public Key Infrastructure). PKIs are a system of policies, technologies, and processes that allow you to encrypt or sign data. They also allow you to authenticate with digital certificates for devices or services. I have used PKIs throughout my time in the military for they are stored on my CAC (Common Access Card). I use my CAC every day when I log onto a DOD computer since it requires me to authenticate who I am and also allows me to send encrypted emails, and digitally sign documents. I also use PKI when using my SIPR token while accessing the high side. But I don't use them only to just log on to the computer depending on the website that I am going to, especially if it is a military-owned website it will ask me to reverify my credentials to use that website especially if I am accessing my PII (Personal Identifiable Information). PKIs can be used in an IT department because it allows the company using PKI to have a fail-safe just in case physical security fails. The unknown entity will still need log-in credentials to access the servers of the company. If someone that has access to the PKI can also leave a digital footprint so to speak as well for if they are trying to access anything they are not supposed to it will leave a trail of them behind for the IT or security department. Such as their security clearance, individual name, timestamp, the reason for access, etc. With this same information if someone no longer needs certain access can have the taken away or if needed further access can also be granted more depending on security clearance and Need-To-Know. 2-Greetings class, After reviewing many tools used in the Information Technology field, I decided to pick the Spybot. Spybot-S&D (search and destroy) was created in the year 2000 by Patrick Michael Kolla. Spybot is a popular tool used in the IT career field. It offers shielding against any spyware, adware, and other skeptical files attempting to hack the system. It vaccinates your system by destroying and recover any infected files. Based off the definition, I would use it to simply locate any unwanted software that threatens the privacy within my system. It would seem that the top users of Spybot are those companies of higher education. For example, North Carolina A & T State University uses this tool. This would most likely be because a University withholds many personnel, and over those personnel the school has all of their personal information needed for them to attend. Spybot is used to protect all of that information.

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