Hey thank you for doing this i am in college so plagiarizing and stuff, just bec
Hey thank you for doing this i am in college so plagiarizing and stuff, just becareful On average, almost every social issue or problem within society can be examined from a sociological lens. Your task is to find three news reports, published within the past two years, and relate each individual report to at least one concept studied in this course and one sociological perspective. Upon submission of this project you must have: a cover page proper page headings a table of contents a copy of the article a brief summary of each news article an explanation of how Sociology could be used to explain the behavior/situation being reported an explanation of how one of the perspectives could be used to explain the behavior/situation described within the article. font type=Times New Roman, Size 12 APA formatting of all citations no extra spaces between paragraphs Successful completion of this project requires: 1. A cover page with a unique title that represents the theme of your project, your name, class information and a picture representative of the project 2. A table of contents which contains: the title of the newspaper article, a title of your summary , the title of your analysis for each article you selected and appropriate page numbers where each item can be found 3. A full length copy of each news report. The news report must be at least 350 words in length 4. At least a 180 word summary of the news reports. You must summarize the articles using your own words. The summary must follow the article being summarized. 5. Following each summary a 250 word (minimum) sociological analysis of the article must be presented. As part of your analysis you must use at least one social concept we have studied and one sociological perspective for each articlesummarized. The sociological perspectives are: functionalism, conflict and symbolic interactionism. The concept and perspective selected must be defined and underlined within the analysis. In addition, you must explain how the social concept and perspective are exemplified within the article 6. Use your textbook to define the sociological concept/theories and sociological perspective used within the paper. Citations must be within the analysis provided and on the reference page 7. A different sociological perspective must be used for each analysis 8. A reference page consisting of the three news reports and your textbook in APA format must be included.

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