Here is the general outline for a thesis project: • Cover page • Table of Conten
Here is the general outline for a thesis project: • Cover page • Table of Contents • Acknowledgements (to people who helped you) • Abstract (a short summary of thesis, 100 to 300 words with no citations] • Chapter 1: General Introduction • Presentation of Subject or issue, Scope of the Study, Background Information, Context of Subject (be it cultural, political, international, economic, etc), Purpose of the Study. • Chapter 2: The Research Focus • Statement of the Issue to be specifically researched, Research Questions, Description of the specific research, Importance of this research, Definition of Terms, Theoretical Framework. • Chapter 3: Review of Other Work Done • Other Research Done, Other Findings & Conclusions, Other Methodologies, Strengths & Weaknesses, (includes research of literature, interviews, research of internet material, conferences attended, etc.) • Chapter 4: Research Methods • Goal(s) and Objective(s) of the Research, Research Hypotheses, Research Strategy and Techniques, Data Sources, Method of Data Collection, Method of Data Analysis, Verification Ethical Considerations, Challenges encountered in conducting research. • Chapter 5: Results of Research Analysis • Interpretation of Results, Explanation of Results, Questions about Alternative Approaches, Strength and weaknesses of Statistical analysis. • Chapter 6: Conclusion • General Discussions, Summary • Chapter 7: Recommendations • Recommendations given for others to consider, for future research, and for implementing the plan of the thesis project. • References (Bibliography) • Appendices While the above outline may be modified, it is recommended that you follow the general process of the outline. The process of the outline is basically structured into 3 sections. 1. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 develop the introduction to the research project. 2. Chapters 4 and 5 give the body of the work done in the research project, which may include statistical research, a business plan, a grant proposal, a book written, a patent or even an analysis of a project already completed. 3. Chapters 6 and 7 present the conclusion to the research project. Once the Academic Department positively evaluates the Final Thesis Project (with an 'A' or 'B') you will schedule a thesis defense. Below are the selected courses, identified for specific approval: Choice a topic to write the Final Thesis:  Economics of Growth and Development  Public Economics  Mathematics for Economists  Econometrics  International Trade Theory

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