Here are instructions to follow for the write-up of the case Strategies for Firm
Here are instructions to follow for the write-up of the case Strategies for Firm Positioning: The Case of Lexus. I have also attached it to the Files. Assume yourself either a senior manager in your firm or a private consultant or an industry analyst. For example, as a firm's senior manager, your CEO has asked you to analyze the current state of your firm performance, comparing it to competitors or industry averages. Suppose the firm is currently enjoying Competitive Advantage (higher returns than industry), how to sustain it? On the other hand, if your firm is experiencing a Competitive Disadvantage, explain why and what you would suggest reversing the course. Finally, if the firm is having Competitive Parity (average industry performance), why and what needs to bring the firm up to gain CA? Format: 1. In a paragraph or two, introduce the firm, its products/services, and the industry/general environment applying PESTEL and Porter's Five Forces model. 2. State the issue/s that the firm is facing. 3. In a line or two, provide a road map to the reader as to what the reader should expect in the next two pages (meaning analysis of the issues, your conclusions, and final recommendations). 4. Provide alternative strategies for solving or tackling the issue/s. 5. Choose the best alternative with reasoning and logical mapping. 6. Conclude by tying the issue/s to your recommendation. 7. Use citations within your write up with references at the end of the paper. Sources can be from the textbook, cases, assigned articles, knowledge from your prior courses, and personal experiences. These will help to provide credibility and validity to your opinions and viewpoint. 8. Bring objectivity through numbers, statistics, stories, etc. 9. Always tie it to the strategic management process diagram starting with the mission of the business. It is three pages double spaced, double spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman, one-inch margins.

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