aper. In collaboration with your host (i.e., onsite) counselor, identify a client who exhibits some behaviors that are moderately dysfunctional and which in some ways disrupt the clients life. Note that the client should not be one who is having major life difficulties or who exhibits behaviors that would be best treated through long-term therapy and/or medication. Next, develop an appropriate counseling intervention intended to enhance the clients performance in life in general (i.e., that address the specific dysfunctional behaviors). Your counseling intervention must include collaborative activity(ies) with others (e.g., parents, spouse, children, or siblings) in the clients life who have concern about the clients behaviors. Then, write a case study paper that describes your work with this client and which describes in detail

(a) your interpretation and consideration of available assessment information for the client,

(b) your counseling goal(s) for the client,

(c) how your counseling goals relate to the assessment data available about the client,

(d) the specific activities you used to attempt to facilitate improvement of the clients behaviors,

(e) how you collaborated with others in the clients life who had reason to be concerned about the client,

and (f) how you evaluated the effectiveness of your intervention(s) with the client.

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