Hello. This is a paper on renewable energy, specifically physiosorbtion of hydro
Hello. This is a paper on renewable energy, specifically physiosorbtion of hydrogen on activated charcoals. I need you to find academic scholarly sources on the topic, specifically theorems that calculate the energies and temperatures of sorbtion and desorbtion, or experimental data - isotherms of sorbtion and desorbtion of gaseous hydrogen to solve my problem. IMPORTANT:  you need to link to the papers from where you took the experimental data. Use the type of activated carbon that was used in the literature you've found (there are different types with different porosity) Problem: We take  1.5 kg of cryocompressed hydrogen (10 MPA pressure, 80k temperature) and adsorb it on 60 liters of highly porous activated charcoal with density of 500 grams per liter (or as stated in your references) that has a temperature of -50 celsius (you can also solve for room temperature). Questions: 1) Calculate the time needed for 50% of the hydrogen to get adsorbed into the charcoal? 100%? 2) What amount of energy in joulies will be emitted in the process? 3) What will be the resulting temperature of the charcoal after 50 and 100% of sorbtion? (consider all the energy is taken by the charcoal w/o lossess into surrounding space). 4) Consider we need to extract the hydrogen back. To what temperature we need to heat the charcoal, for desorbtion of 50% of hydrogen if 750 grams of it was adsorbed? How much energy in J will be consumed? for 100% of 750 grams? For desorbtion of 50% of 1.5kg H2? 100%?

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